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So yesh, it is times for an update to meh livejournal and to meh 50 books thingy.

I have already established that I don't count school books or manga. Just doesn't count. Sometimes, though, I feel that I should count Death Note...yeah I know whatever everyone has read it blah blah blah you're nothing special...but DUDE. That series has so many freaking words in it. It actually got to the point that sometimes happens with my school books, where I'm reading it but I've realized that my mind has gone somewhere else, so I have to flip back a few pages in order to figure out where the crap I am. I still like it, but I still don't think I'm going to count it...

But yes.

Books read so far:
(edit) In the Miso Soup! (I forgot somehow :( )
Sisterhood-Forever in Blue
The Skull of Truth (Yes! I might as well count it <3 I loved it tons...)
The Center of the World
Artemis Fowl 5
The Prophet of Yonwood

Reading but not done:
Love and Louis XIV
The Dante Club
Einstien's Dreams (just give me like, 20 minutes)
Gathering Blue
edit: Just got "Pierced" by Murakami Ryu :)

Yeah a lot are pretty easy but screw that. They're books, and I'm counting them.

So pretty much, now that I'm done with that, here comes a little review for "The Center of The World"! By Andreas Steinhofel (yes, a dude)

So this is pretty much about a 17 kid named Phil who lives in god knows where, I think germany. But after a while it is pretty clear that this was meant to be in English, due to some rhyming schemes and fairly hilarious mix-ups. But I checked and it is a translation from something else.

So anyway, Phil is a gay kid with a twin (non - identical) sister, and their mother has quite a "loose" reputation if you get my drift. While across the pond in America the twin's father is somewhere, having been abandoned by their mother when she was 17. She doesn't tell Phil or Dianna (twin sis) anything about him whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Phil is absolutely in love with Nicholas, who turns out that he likes Phil and they go on a bajillion sexual excursions together that seem physical rather than emotional. I mean, for goodness sakes. They kiss for the first time long after they've had sex. And if you think that this book is anything close to erotica, you're dead wrong. The most detail he goes into anything between them is "we made love three times". Woot.

So yeah, there are lots of those side stories. Oh wait. In fact, there are about a thousand. If you took all of the little side stories and tangents and stripped away to the present goings-on, you'd have a book that would last about 20 pages, and I'm dead serious. But no, it's around 450. Hm. If you didn't like Catch-22 specifically for the tangents, this book will kill you like a mother.

Aside from this, the writing is rather beautiful, and it is very easy to get attached to the characters. I did enjoy many of the stories, and they did prove fairly important. I did enjoy this, actually, I read it in the vicinity of 29 hours. So it's fairly easy. It is a bit predictable in the proximity of a few pages, but definitely not to the point where you can tell exactly what's going on in the next chapter before you read it.

I really did like this story. It was like an annoying friend, who at first you're disappointed at having, but then you come to appreciate all the life lessons it gives you. While I was sad at the ending (no one dies, don't worry) it was also fulfilling at the same time. How do I feel about this book? Let me put it this way: If I hadn't yet read it but I knew the difference between the me before reading it and the me after reading it, I would regret no having read it yet.

So, people, go read it. BTW, it's absolutely jam-packed with...what? Yes! Oh crap I forgot the word. But the definition is "the appearance of truth"....

V? Oh crap, I forgot...


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I love you so much

If rain was a man I would snog him. snog him goooood.



A while back I saw some kind of challenge to read 50 books in a year, including manga and plays and things like that that wouldn't normally be considered books. umm this was a long while back, like, when I started the school year--so below, that's what I'm counting. Soo I finally have decided to make a list thus far on the accomplishments:

This school year the books I have read thus far:


Madame Bovary

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Dr. Zchivago

Furuba 1-15

Hana Kimi 1-15 (?)

Death Note 1-12





Forever In Blue

A Streetcar Named Desire


Artemis Fowl...5? is it 5? yeah.

The Prophet of Yonwood

Let's add up here: 
Total in the List: 54--> Well I guess I made it. But to be truthful: 

-8 for school (forced reading does not count here!!) --> 46

and honestly, do Manga count? I mean, I definitely view them as graphic novels, but as book books? They're illustrations--not that that isn't really awesome, but the words are often kept to a minimum. Just to be on the bare truthful side, -all the manga books (I know I didn't even include a few up there in the first place): 

46-42= 4

*looks at result*


okay, okay..let's calm down here, I'm sure there are some books that I've read in my free time that I forgot to include!!


there are none.

4 BOOKS, PEOPLE. 4. I have so much time over the weekend sometimes it scares me. (Not all the time, though. But alot of times it's in inconvenient and uncomfortable places, like "I can't really do anything, there's nothing possible')

But, you know, it adds up a teensy bit if you add the school books that I enjoyed immensly. Take Anthem, for example. Holy Crap. Holy Bazookas. Sweet hot diggity hot dogs. That was a great book. 

I think, if I'm crazy enough, I'm going to try and do some more ACTUAL READING. Ummm Kelsey you need to bring to me Cantarella, by the way...XDDD



Thank you, television emergency alert system!

I love how you come on monthly for no reason and blast my ears out!

I just think it's great I have no idea why the hell you're around!





I want to be just like you when I grow up!




Like the skyyy above! 

I love you, i love you...really really love you so...

Eggg eggggg mmmmm yummy!


There is someone outside scraping the snow off of something. 

IT IS NEARLY MIDNIGHT and it is scaring the shit out of me because it sounds like it's right outside my window and now I'm afraid to pull back the windowshade. 

save me!! ;(


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