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Mkay here is part of a letter I wrote to Jen X3:

Drama camp is super fun :) Cipriano's there, so is Taylor...Zack Schubert's not coming till next week...and Isaiah's not doing it! *airfist!* And there's a kid from France who's in it (sawheeeeet)...and then a lot of my old friends. It's like we never left XD...and we're doing "Annie Get Your Gun" which is that show with the song "I've got rhythm...I've got music"...I had no idea. There's this one girl who's super cute and fun and really high energy who's already reviewed the script and Annie's character and all the songs and saw the play *breatthhhh*....zomg I'm not sure whether I like her...she's really serious but it's like "YAY OMG YAYYYYY"

...and I stabbed myself with a pencil!! Ouch ouch blooodddd >.< Wow, we're off to a great start!


>>> So that's it. Lol Cipriano's a pretty hilarious dude that both of us have happened to take classes with, he's pretty nice ^^(I thought he was a year older but it turns out he's a junior next year..o.o)...

Isaiah's that kid who I really liked but would never call me, and he said to me that if Rachel (a co-director who this year is official director) was going to direct, he wasn't going to do it anymore. LOL.

That kid from France is pretty cool. His name is Vincent (wtf, why are all the foreign kid's names vincent??), and he's from Saint Germaine. It was cool hearing him say it :3 I wonder if he's heard of Manu or Christophe or Le Roi Soleil? o.o I might ask him heehee...

Damn, I really stabbed myself with a pencil >.< I was leaning forward sitting on stage and my knee shoved a really sharp pencil directly into the place right below my palm...damn, no bandaids...any lower and I would have bled A LOT. Lol "i'm dyinggggg" hows THAT for drama? :D

Haha it turns out that "Annie Get Your Gun" music is right in my range, and I can sing the notes really loud and everything, it's awesome. I only have to work on my breathing :D ...much harder than one would think -_-

I'm readeh fo' tomorrah!

....that really excited drama girl has taken four years of french, too....damn her -_-


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Jul. 3rd, 2007 06:29 am (UTC)
le roi soleil


...What is this drama camp thingy?

Jul. 3rd, 2007 06:30 pm (UTC)
Re: le roi soleil
Mm it's just a month thing where you can sign up (...and pay money) to put on a show ^^ yay, CAS hours! :D

I did..there's two of them, actually :3 One is a girl who lives very close to the eiffel tower, and the other's a boy...the girl's been speaking English since she was in fourth grade, so she has no accent -_- and the boy has only been taking it for four years, and he has a super accent.

And yeah, they've heard of Le Roi Soleil ^^ but we didn't get into that cause us drooly american kids were interrogating them constantly...but they didn't recognize Emmanuel Moire's name ;-; That's okay, Le Roi is enough X3

P.S. ZOMG THEY HAVE THRIFT STORES IN FRANCE! (I was weird enough to ask that...)
Jul. 4th, 2007 09:10 pm (UTC)
Re: le roi soleil

Whoo, CAS. x.x I still need to fill out a zillion forms from things I've already done...but I think I have almost all the hours I need. =)

This is reminding me of how much I want to see Le Roi Soleil performed...but obviously it's never coming here because they'd only sell about...three tickets? ;-; I swear, if I study abroad anywhere in Europe I'm gonna take a weekend trip to France and do cool stuff there. =)

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